Which GoPro accessories should you buy?

GoPro has become one of the top “must have” cameras in the world and not just for extreme action sports fanatics but for anyone who wants to shoot high quality video on a budget. That being said half the fun of having a great video camera is the accessories you can buy to use with it. Following are some of the top GoPro accessories on the market, from the basics to the latest, innovative options.

GoPro Dive Housing

A necessity for anybody that films under wet conditions or who plans on filming underwater, diving or snorkeling; if this sounds like you, the GoPro HERO’s dive housing is an accessory you definitely can’t live without. GoPro’s dive housing also provides maximum video and photo sharpness, in all resolutions, underwater.

The GoPole EVO

This is a fantastic transparent extension pole, a simple but innovative idea that provides the user with wider shots when they’re hand holding their GoPro camera. The pole is lightweight, weighing only 4 ounces, is waterproof up to 197 feet and extends to 26”.

VectorMount Mounting System

This dynamic action camera mounting system provides maximum flexibility and is well worth its somewhat pricey investment. This camera mounting system actually uses the natural motions of a vehicle to track the action, using a combination of centrifugal force, wind vane technology and adjustable dampening input.

The Bobber

This accessory makes complete sense if your adventures take you out into the water. With the Bobber floating hand grip you’ll never lose your GoPro. Essentially, it’s a yellow bobber with a universal GoPro mount that can be affixed to GoPro HERO cameras, keeping the camera afloat along with the battery BacPac, etc.

GoPro Head Strap

This sturdy, head mounting system makes it possible to capture all the action in front of you, capturing every fantastic moment on video, hands free. The GoPro Head Strap can be purchased by itself or combined with the company’s QuickClip, giving you even more mounting options on places like your backpack or belt.


If you have a GoPro you’ll want to have a Monopod, they’re essential for getting into the heart of all the action and capturing some spectacular photos and videos. Highly recommended options include e GoPole monopods and XSories.

Spare Battery

This accessory is kind of a no brainer; who doesn’t want to have an extra battery handy to ensure that you don’t miss out on capturing that perfect, epic stunt? GoPro batteries are available in both lower and higher capacity hours, ranging between 1050 Milliamp and1180 Milliamp hours.

Memory Cards

Supplemental memory means you won’t face the risk of running out of storage at the most inopportune moment. For the best value for the money, most industry experts recommend a 32GB card.

Suction Cups

Yep, suction cups are quite possibly the most versatile (and least expensive) accessory of the bunch. GoPro suction cups make it easy to mount your camera to any flat, smooth surface, holding on tight during even the most intense actions.

Travel Case

If you’re going to invest in a GoPro Camera, you’ll also want to purchase a durable travel case. The last thing you want is to end up damaging your camera or accessories, especially if you’re heading out on a once in a lifetime adventure. Good options include travel cases by XSories, Dakine or SP.

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