New GoPro Hero 4 Release Rumours

The GoPro HERO wearable cameras are very popular among the sports enthusiasts out there, including people who love to record adventures like kayaking, skydiving, mountain biking and participating in various other extreme sports activities. GoPro HERO cameras have also been used in other applications that include military operations and law enforcement and everyday users who appreciate a great camera. Needless to say, anyone who is familiar with GoPro have been anxiously awaiting the release of the HERO 4 (official name GoPro HERO 4 Black), eager to hear more about what it has to offer. The previously rumoured release date of March 2015 has now been changed to October 2014 (just in time for the holidays).

Following are just a few of the rumoured changes that camera fanatics will be happy to know about when it comes to the latest from GoPro. You’ll want to keep in mind that firm technical specifications haven’t officially been released yet, as the HERO 4 hasn’t been publicly introduced by the company.

Photo Quality Improvements

The HERO 4 will be produced with a brand new collection of lenses intended for shooting in low light situations as well as a 13 megapixel photosensor. In addition, it is said to include HDR WDR tone mapping, multi-exposure capability, electronic image stabilization capabilities as well as improved MCTF. It is also supposed to feature dual sensor interfaces and user friendly, remote control viewfinder playback.


When it comes to appearance, it makes sense that the Hero 4 would be released as a lightweight, compact, but durable action camera more than likely weighing less than 100 grams. It is also rumoured that it will come with a distinctive attachment that will securely fit the camera on anything that moves, including ski poles, bikes, cars, BMX’s kite boards, long boards and surfboards, cars, surfboards and even helmets worn in just about any sports setting. The HERO 4 will also be able to be mounted onto any kind of pole with a diameter that ranges between 10 to 23 centimeters.


If the GoPro Hero 3 ended up being installed with an A7, you can bet that the Hero 4 will have an A9 chip installed in it. This basically means that the latest version of the motion camera will be able to record 4K videos at an impressive pace of 30 frames per second. Currently there’s no other camcorder available for purchase that can accomplish that. Additionally, the A9 will have the ability to record footage at 1080p at the rate of 120 frames per second and footages of 720p at 240 frames per second. Even more impressive is that this kind of recording is reported to conclude with an incredibly smooth slow motion recording due to the high frame rates. The new Hero 4 is also said to be the best portable camera available for shooting underwater recordings.


A few sources have reported that the HERO 4 will be priced at around £200, with some staying it could be higher at around £300; nobody knows for sure what the price is going to be. For now, GoPro wearable camera fans will simply have to wait for an official announcement from the company, hopefully before the end of the year.

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