The 10 most watched GoPro videos

These are the most watch GoPro videos on YouTube – which include some breath-taking action shot on GoPros, along with a heart wrenching video at number 3…

Number 10

See the amazing air made on the skateboard

Number 9

What happens when you mix lava flow and a can of Coke?

Number 8

Can you imagine Superman with a GoPro??

Number 7

The promo video of the latest GoPro, the Hero 3+ Black.  Watch a montage of amazing shots from this camera.

Number 6

The GoPro production crew head to Africa to check out the danger and beauty of lions

Number 5

Watch some of the shots made on the older, but still amazing, GoPro Hero 2!

Number 4

Kelly McGarry performs an incredible backflip over a 72ft canyon on her bike

Number 3

Heart-wrenching.  Watch a fireman save a kitten from a burning house.

Number 2

See this close encounter with a Great White Shark, shot in Sydney Harbour!

Number 1

GoPro Hero 3.  Watch a montage of films created on the older, but still amazing Hero 3.

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